Training to professionalize natural therapies

The Inula Group trains its customers and all enthusiasts through a rich educational program. Every year, more than 600 pharmacists and wellness professionals are trained in aromatherapy and gemmotherapy. The trainings are recognized as the most serious in the sector.

In the field, the Inula Group also trains all of its products' retailers through a dynamic network of professional trainers. These networks are active in France, Belgium and Spain.

The training courses are constantly revised according to product developments and laboratory research.

Inula Group - Trainings natural therapies

Information to discover more

The company is continually working with the general public to make its natural therapies more widely known. 

On the internet, PranarômHerbalGem and Biofloral successfully manage blogs and social networks to spread accurate information about essential oils, buds, and natural remedies made from organic plants. 

The Inula Group is also sought after by the media in order to testify to its products powerful effects on health and well-being.

Training in numbers

On-site trainings

3,250 trainings (30 min.) per year
+/- 6,000 participants


27 webinars per year (1 hour live)
+/- 4,200 participants


70 conferences per year
+/- 2,200 participants


63 workshops per year
(full day or half day)
+/- 1,620 participants

On-demand trainings

18 sessions per year
552 participants

Targeted trainings

14 sessions per year
+/- 320 participants

Les Jardins d'Espaladous, a natural health and wellness center

Founded in 2012, Les Jardins d'Espaladous is a training center for Bach Flowers, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, Crystal Elixirs and natural animal care. It offers a place of rejuvenation for those seeking it.

Nestled in the south of the Auvergne Mountains in a charming hamlet of the same name, Les Jardins d'Espaladous also offers stays, with disconnection and rejuvenation as the key words. Located on a 74 acre estate in a bucolic setting, in a preserved location far from noise, everything has been thought out to benefit from a full range of naturopathy offerings.