The Biofloral laboratory, founded in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes in 1999 by Ulrich Rampp, is dedicated to the manual and hand-crafted elaboration of natural and living plant-based and 100% certifed organic products, including the famous Swedish Elixir, Nettle-Silica, and Bach Flowers.

Each step in the manufacture of our remedies requires meticulous expertise, patience, and respect for living substances so that the plants release all their vibratory, energetic, and emotional powers.

Thus, our organic herbal remedies carry within them the benefits of nature to feel well in the body and the mind.

Biofloral is: 

  • 44 single products
  • 25 complexes
  • More than 60 varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants, most of which are grown in its own gardens.
Inula Group - Biofloral: Bach Flowers

Organic herbal remedies

The organic herbal remedies are original and natural plant-based recipes that carry the best of nature within them. Their manufacture originates from ancient manuscripts that advocate for alchemy between the body, mind, and soul to find health. This is a philosophy of life that is found in Biofloral products.



A human-scale company, with strong and committed values, which passes on forgotten knowledge.


Mysterious, emotional, energetic remedies that create the right harmony between body, soul, and mind to be deeply healthy within ourselves.


A company committed to its volcanic land, in the heart of nature. Natural ingredients with organic plants that transmit the richness and colors of the vegetation that surrounds us.


A considered and environmentally friendly approach to sourcing and manufacturing to select superior quality raw materials which deliver all the benefits of nature.

Inula Group - Biofloral: artisanal manufacturing

Hand-crafted manufacturing

Thanks to a handmade manufacturing process that respects the life force found in nature, Biofloral elixirs are developed according to ancestral methods in order to guarantee all the qualities conducive to your well-being.

  • Manual pressing and filtering
  • Several months of maceration
  • With plants from Auvergne
  • Quality control and analysis
  • An innovative formulation
Inula Group - Auvergne Biofloral