Swedish Spray Organic 59 plants and Propolis

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Respiratory tracts and propolis - Thanks to a judicious combination of Swedish Elixir and propolis, provide effective help for the well-being of your throat and the hygiene of your mouth!
"Thanks to its high Propolis content (this natural resin collected by bees, an incredible active ingredient that abounds in benefits) this Swedish Propolis spray provides you with effective aid for the hygiene and well-being of the throat and mouth.
The 59 organic plants of Elixir du Suédois complete its effectiveness with a tonic and digestive action. Practical, discreet, the 20 ml spray allows you to have it always at hand! "
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"2 SPRAYS directly into the mouth.
2-3 times a day or whenever you feel the need. "
"Hydroalcoholic extract of propolis * (52%), Swedish Elixir * (48%): Organic wine, alcohol from Organic Farming, Venetian theriac * (composed of 51 plants *), honey from Organic Farming , natural camphor, rhubarb roots *, rosemary leaves *, gentian roots *, angelica roots *, senna leaves *, aloe *, zedoa roots, myrrh, thistle *, manna, saffron *
* Plant extracts from Organic Farming. "
Contains natural camphor, contraindicated for children under 7 years old, people sensitive to camphor or suffering from proven heart problems. Not for use by pregnant women. Keep out of the reach of young children.




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